VDO Signature Example: The Newer Style(??) Signature

Hot from some online research done at FeebaY on a Today Show auction for their guestbook from the year 2005 (auction #7582417514 for those who care to follow its price).

Can you spot the VDO autograph on this page?

Today Show Guestbook Page from 09/26/2005


If you picked this signature:

VDO's Signature From Today Show Guestbook Page Dated 09/26/2005

…you have mastered the art of spotting VDO’s signature.

Of course this does nothing to confirm or deny whether VDO has changed his autograph style as he has become more popular over time but I suspect he has (I can’t imagine the market for VDO signatures before 1997 was lucrative enough to inspire forgers, but then again I could be wrong).

Anyhow hopefully this will help those who want to collect VDO’s autograph.


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