Online VDO Vault Museum at Flickr: Where You Can See The Vault’s Collection of VDO Stuff

Well I think I finally have a photo hosting site I like — I have been migrating all my old photos there from Fortune City largely because of what they did to free blog space there (they eliminated it) and because their associated ‘free’ photo hosting space wants viewers to buy prints of photos posted there. Bleah. And lately it crashes a lot. Not a good sign.

I am now a user of flickr and my albums are at

They also can be seen in the links to the right under ‘All Aquisitions’.

To avoid getting into the ‘whose right click is it anyway?’ games that plague so many VDO fan sites right now I want to make it *crystal clear* that all of the photos I post at flickr are under a Creative Commons License of Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

What that means is that, yes you may copy the images to your own computer, yes you may post them to your site or blog *PROVIDED* that you attribute their source (I will post photographer credits where I know them and where I don’t, I would like the attribution to read ‘from the collection of VDO Vault’).

However you MAY NOT alter, transform, or build upon the images (and that includes making collages, wallpapers, backgrounds, headers, etc) *WITHOUT* obtaining my *PRIOR* permission (which I am very likely to grant if you ask me first and nicely) and you MAY NOT use these images for commercial purposes. Period.

I *WILL NOT* grant permission for these images (or any collages, wallpapers, backgrounds, headers, etc made from them)  to be sold (on online auction sites, on commercial websites, on non commercial websites, at your next yard sale, wherever). I also am not going to spend my free time policing online auctions, websites, etc to find and bust people selling them (largely because it cuts into my time for collecting real items and blogging about my collection).

But if you should happen to see VDO Vault images from for sale *anywhere* (which, unfortunately, I think is inevitable), do us all a big favor, save yourself some money and just DON’T BUY THEM. If you do, well then you’re either ignorant (which means you don’t know better and once you do, I know you will stop) or you’re crazy (which among other things means you’ll never be invited to my home to see the real objects that are depicted in the flickr images, so there).

Anyhow it’s time to go all silly uploading images.

Music to upload and look at pictures by ‘Hyperactive!’ by Thomas Dolby


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