VDO Signature(??) Examples: The Evolution

Well I finally had a chance to upload the 2 VDO signature examples I have seen out there so now you can see for yourself what I mean when I say that I think VDO has changed his signature style.

Here is an example of what I call VDO’s “old’ signature style:

Vincent D'Onofrio Old Style Signature(?)

Now here is an example of what I call VDO’s ‘new’ signature style:

Vincent D'Onofrio New Style Signature(?) 

Personally I liked the old style signature better — while it looks a little less ‘movie star-ish’, it looks like a complete signature. The new style is very stylized but you can see that very few letters (a ‘V.’, a ‘D’, and maybe ‘Onf’ then nothing) are actually made (in this case also on a Full Metal Jacket movie poster reprint). Somewhere around the time of ‘Men In Black’, I think the VDO signature style change happened (which would coincide with an increase in his popularity and increased demands on his time to sign autographs). Almost everything I have seen that is supposedly signed by VDO since LOCI began in 2001 has the new style signature on it.

This newer signature is probably designed to save the amount of time & effort VDO would have to make to complete each signature request (most of which I bet don’t come from fans but from autograph dealers and/or online auction sellers who seize an opportunity to make a few $$$ should they run into someone with some fame like VDO).

Do I think either or both of these signatures are fakes? Well I know the posters on which these signatures appear are reprints. So it’s possible the signatures aren’t authentic either. One of the posters had a ‘Stanley Kubrick’ autograph on it which made me *very* suspicious (at least of the Kubrick signature as well as of the poster). Kubrick was loath to do much publicity especially in his later years and was not known to leave England much once he moved there in the late 1960s. And he died not long after ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was released back in March of 1999.

But I don’t think that VDO is having someone else sign for him (autograph collectors call signatures like these ‘secretarial signatures’) or using a mechanical device to sign for him (these are called ‘autopenned’ signatures in the autograph collecting hobby), at least not yet. Give it some time though, some more career success and some more unpleasant incidents with the fans and the public in general and either one or both types of answering autograph requests could become standard practice for VDO (and that’s a pity).

To me I would be very suspicious of the newer style of VDO signature; because it is so simple, it would be easier to forge. It’s bad enough that the old style could be forged too.

Anyhow, fans & collectors beware.

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