More ebaY follies: Overpriced ‘Salt On Our Skin’ soundtrack CD

Here’s yet another FeebaY auction that blew my mind when I saw the asking price:

ebaY 4823825526 Salt On Our Skin soundtrack

Someone ‘bought it now’ for $49.95 not including shipping ($5.00 to the USA from Germany)


It looks to me like a soundtrack collector from the UK who had bought soundtracks from this seller before jumped on the *very high* price. Too bad he / she didn’t know about my blog entry from November of 2005 on VDO movie soundtracks on CD. With shipping from Europe, the most I’ve paid for one of these was $15. They are not hard to find in Germany.

Oh well, at least there’s a picture in that auction for those who want to find a copy of this soundtrack and need to know what it looks like (I have scanning in VDO movie soundtrack CDs and uploading photos of them as my next goal for the Aquisitions section of this blog).


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