Landmark: The Vault Gets Its First Comment

Well since my first ever comment was such a good one, I’ve decided to go ahead, approve it, and respond to it. It’s a response to my Full Metal Rant and it reminds me of a topic I need to delve into — how I think there are actually 2 different styles of signature VDO has used when he signs autographs.

There are guides out there on autograph collecting, but many of them never mention VDO (largely because they’re too old and predate the success VDO has had with LOCI). At a recent book fair, I did run across 2 books by an autograph collector named Mark Allen Baker (‘Collector’s Guide To Celebrity Autographs’ and ‘Advanced Autograph Collecting’, both published in 2000). Baker mentioned that he had sent away items to addresses for VDO in California to get them signed through the mail, but he didn’t get anything back by the time the book had to go to press, so neither of his books show an example signature for VDO. And even if they did, since Baker wasn’t there to witness the signature, who could say for sure that VDO actually signed anyway?

Anyway, I will work on getting together some example photos of the 2 possible signature styles for posting and go into the story of my ‘autographed’ ‘authentic’ ‘Full Metal Jacket’ movie poster which I know for sure is a reprinted reproduction of a movie poster. It’s the only thing ‘signed by VDO’ I have and I’m not 100% convinced the signatures are real.

Keep the insights coming and I’ll add them here.


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