Stuff To Collect: German Film Programs

Here is a super cheap way to get a collection of authentic movie memorabilia related to VDO’s movies

German Film Programs date back to 1919. These little movie programs which are more like the US idea of brochures (or heralds as they were sometimes called when they used to be made in the USA) were sold to moviegoers as a souvenir – they cost just a few pennies and contained pictures of the various actors and actresses and scenes from the movies. Another use of these programs was to help theater owners decide which films to rent to exhibit in their theaters and how to advertise and promote them. Several different companies throughout Germany and Austria made film programs

What the folks at the German Film Program Project have done since 1956 is to catalog the history of German film programs for just about every movie theatrically released in Germany and Austria. In Rudolf’s case, he has over 6,000 different movie titles represented in his stock.

There are 17 different VDO German movie programs available from Rudolf. While I won’t list all the titles here, I will refer you to the following link showing my collection of Deutsche Filmprogramme:

VDO Deutsche Filmprogramme

Most of the programs cost 1.50 Euros (around $2) and are 4 pages long. JFK (a 4 page program) costs 3 Euros (around $4) and The Player (also a 4 page program) costs 4 Euros (around $4.25). The only programs with more than 4 pages are the 12 page Full Metal Jacket (3 Euros or around $4) and the 20 page Ed Wood (2.50 Euros or around $3.00)

Not every program has VDO pictures, but Nackter Tango (Naked Tango) and Salt Auf Unserer Haut (Salt On Our Skin) have many VDO pics.

Just a little over $45 (before shipping) gets you all 17 programs available.

Note: Rudolf definitely speaks English and I think he also takes PayPal. He also sells from time to tome on ebaY under the userid: projektfp


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