More ebaY Follies: Where Certain VDO ‘Publicity’ Pics Are Coming From

Geez ebaY sellers have gotten sleazy of late.

There are several auctions up for VDO photos that are probably from the following site:

Given that this site has a preview option to let you login as NCFOTONA (password Guest) and currently see over 100 watermarked VDO images, it wouldn’t be hard to see one of the greed inspired sleaze merchants pay $15-$25 per month to subscribe to, download images, print ’em out on their home PCs and hawk em on ebaY.

If they’re especially cheap and sleazy the ebaY sellers use some media outlet’s account at and the office printer, photo paper, mailing supplies, etc.

Fangurls beware. And someone wake up the wire services already — they’re being robbed blind.


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