New Year, New Blog Host, New Look, New Posts

Well the VDOVault is back and looking very different!

I took a breather for a few months from online activities because I needed to restore a little margin in my own life. I am VERY glad to see 2005 go — it was a very tough year for me personally and I think for most Americans in general. But I’m feeling rested, refreshed and more than a little snarky so get ready for more posts!

I have moved this blog here to largely because my old host Fortune City didn’t want to provide free blog spaces anymore and because I didn’t think what they offered was worth paying for. Not every old post has been transferred over here from there, some got lost, and a few need reworking before they get reposted.

I tried, but WOW is that site screwed up! I am registered there but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to even get the stupid thing to work. So I’m using a site that may prove to be overkill for me (you really can control a lot here), but then again it’s default theme is called ‘Kubrick’ so how can I not have found the right home for my blatherings? I think the unseen hand has guided me here…

I will at some point try to upload the photos I had at the old site, but since WordPress is so powerful it may take some time for me to figure out how to incorporate images gracefully here, so bear with me.

One huge advantage to the WordPress approach to blogging is that I can now categorize posts and links. Those of you who read this blog because you’re more generally into collecting things, can skip right to those topics without having posts organized more arbitrarily by when they were timestamped. And for the ‘fangurls’ who secretly read the blunt things I say about you here, you’ve got your own category to follow (well two actually, because I know you all love Media BS & Gossip and regard it with the same respect and as having the same authenticity as what comes from Reliable Sources). But get ready for my focus to shift off of the ‘fangurls’ and onto other people and things.

Anyhoo on with the new!


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