Silly Ways I’d Spend A Lot Of Money If Ed McMahon Were To Show Up At My House With My Check Already: #1 Hire Kevyn Major Howard

Well I know right now I’m probably not very popular with some people over comments I’ve made in earlier entries about stuff I don’t collect and ‘fangurls’ do. But assuming I were to get a big fat windfall check from somewhere, of course I’d spend some of it frivolously. So I think I’ll start a series of articles on silly stuff I *would* buy… 

I was rereading Matthew Modine’s ‘Full Metal Jacket Diary’ yesterday (yes I know I’m too stuck on this book already) and I came across a discussion on how Matthew Modine and his ‘Full Metal Jacket’ costar Kevyn Major Howard (he plays Rafterman, the guy with the startling-pretty Rutger Hauer clear water blue eyes) didn’t initially get along, or more correctly, how Modine didn’t think too much of Kevyn at first. Interestingly enough, one day in Kevyn’s trailer on the set of ‘Full Metal Jacket’, Modine and Kevyn have the following conversation: 

Modine: Hey Kevyn I was sitting in my trailer thinking about why I don’t like you. 

Kevyn: Really? [Kevyn sits up, listens, smiles a weird unnerving smile at Modine] What is it? 

Modine: Well you’re everything I’m afraid of becoming. You are everything I don’t like about myself. 

Kevyn: Whoa. 

Modine: Yeah 

Kevyn: That’s really cool. That you figured it out. 

Modine: Yeah. 

Need I say from then on Kevyn and Matthew got along just fine? 

So cut to me doing research on head shots online last night and also earlier today and what do I find out? 

Kevyn Major Howard is doing head shot photography. In fact he’s doing *REALLY GOOD* head shots. He’s considered to be one of the best, if not *the best* head shot photographer out there. Bar none. As in the difference between an actor or model going from getting no work at all to all of a sudden their phones are ringing off the hook. 

Why? Kevyn shot them. 

Kevyn is featured prominently in a The Learning Channel / BBC documentary on ‘The Human Face’ working photographic magic in of all places his garage! If you want to learn what a head shot is, you will need to go to Kevyn’s website and watch a QuickTime excerpt from ‘The Human Face’ showing the purpose and artistry of head shots. Go check out 

The kicker? Kevyn doesn’t only shoot actors and models and people in the entertainment business. He shoots people from all walks of life. 

So that got me thinking…wouldn’t it be fun to book a session with Kevyn and see what he could do with me? 

I am by no means model or actress pretty. While I might have been a cute kid (or so my relatives used to say), I’d say now that I’m in my thirties, my face and figure have more of a ‘lived-in’ look to them. Plus I live and work in the sort of place where your personal appearance isn’t that big a deal; in fact I would venture to say that here in the Shenandoah Valley, if I dressed like an aspiring actress or model, folks would be a little hesitant to approach me, thinking I was one of those rude ‘city people’! Oh and did I mention that, since I was maybe ten years old, I don’t like the way I photograph? Plus I don’t wear makeup (it feels weird to me and breaks me out). 

But even if I were to prove ‘beyond help’ in the photographic department, I think it would be a blast to hang out and chat with Kevyn in person. I know I’d have tons of questions for him on things like the history of head shot photography, whether or not he shot any of the pictures in ‘Full Metal Jacket Diary’, whether any of the VDO head shots I have copies of, he took (see I worked VDO into this post), what he likes and dislikes about acting and photography, and of course what ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and VDO were like — the possibilites for conversation are endless. And given what I’ve read about him, he strikes me as an extremely tolerant person who has a gift for putting people at ease so it’s entirely possible that I could look good on an 8×10″ photo for once. 

So I guess I’d put some of my windfall money into doing something totally out of character for me — getting my picture taken by a true professional artist. 

I’ve already submitted a completed web form at his site to get a feel for what it’s going to cost to book a session with Kevyn… 

UPDATE: Soon after I posted this, I chatted on the phone with some people from Kevyn’s studios who called me to follow up on the web inquiry I submitted. Now I’m saving up some money to go have Kevyn shoot my picture (probably some time in 2006 and I’ll make it something to do while I visit family in California like I have been promising them I would for a while now). Since I’m going to do this for personal reasons and not because I’m trying to get an acting gig, the cost of the session will be a lot less than I was expecting (on the order of hundreds of dollars, not thousands). But if I were in the business, I would not hesitate to go to Kevyn. 


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