An Invaluable Online Resource: Bruce Hershenson’s Online Movie Poster Price Guide

If you remember in a earlier entry of mine about LAMP, I said that some of the dealers there don’t have the cheapest prices. 

How would I know this?  Because I do a lot of research and buying from a lot of different places. 

So how can you find out what is a ‘fair’ price? 

One place to do so is at Bruce Hershenson’s Online Movie Poster Price guide. 

The link is: 

Bruce Hershenson, for those who have never heard of him, was at one time the principal movie memorabilia auctioneer for Christies auction house (the New York location). Bruce split with Christies when they wanted him to more optimistically grade (or perhaps ‘exaggerate’)  the condition of the rare posters that get consigned at Christies. Bruce used to sell posters only a few times a year at live auctions, posters that sell for as much as some small houses do 

But now Bruce is a force to be reckoned with at places like the online auction site ebaY. Thanks to Bruce, ebaY seller  has definitely improved the caliber of movie goods sold there. I never hesitate to bid on auctions for posters listed by that look vaguely interesting. I rarely win anything except the odd bargain, but when I do win, the transaction is always a great one. 

Bruce’s customer service is unparalled even if you only win one of his 99 cent items at the opening bid of 99 cents. No ebaY seller I know treats his customers as well as Bruce. Bruce often gives away some of the movie poster books he publishes to winning bidders for free, and his books are full of great pictures of movie posters. 

Bruce does the movie poster collecting hobby a great service by keeping a free online price guide at his website. The prices there are prices Bruce actually sold posters for at either his ebaY auctions or in a few cases at his live auctions. There are even some images you can look at and admire. 

Now there was a time when very few VDO movie posters were listed in Bruce’s guide. While to someone as hardcore on collecting VDO movie items as I am, many of my posters seem priceless, in the larger scheme of movie poster collecting, most of VDO’s posters are worth very little. There used to be a rule that the poster had to have sold for at least $25 at Bruce’s auction or it wasn’t listed in his online price guide. 

That is no longer true.   

Want to know what’s a fair price for a ‘Full Metal Jacket’ advance? Bruce has sold 2 in the recent past, one for $76 and one for $86. 

How about a fair price on a ‘Dying Young’ one sheet (a ‘one sheet’ is the standard US poster size these days measuring 27″ wide by 40″ or 41″ long)? Anywhere from 99 cents to $3.75 seems to be the going rate from Bruce. 

Should you buy a gorgeous ‘The Whole Wide World’ one sheet for $25 including shipping? Well it’s a better deal than the $37.27 bid Bruce got for one in June of this year (Bruce’s shipping is generally $8 – his people pack posters better than anyone I know). 

What about a ‘Feeling Minnesota’ one sheet at the same $25 including shipping? If I were you, I’d wait for Bruce to sell another one, because he got $2.99 for his last one (which sold in 2002). Even if you pay $8 more for shipping, you’ve come out ahead. 

So hopefully if you’ve read this entire entry, you are a little more knowledgable about how to find a good deal on a genuine movie poster. 

And by the way be sure to visit Bruce’s site,

There’s tons of good information on collecting movie memorabilia there as well. 


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