‘Why I Don’t Have A Web Site’ or Requiem For Alonelybeautifulgirl.com

Music ‘Don’t Tell Me’ by Madonna

It has always been in the back of my mind to go ahead, bite the bullet and set up a website full of images and stories about my VDO things. Perhaps one day I might do so.  But then I think back on things that have happened on various VDO sites and wonder if I have a screw loose.  First of all there would be the financial expense. I realize that I am at a point in my collecting where most of the freebie website options out there are too small and that the data transfers I would need are pretty large. So I’d have to take money from my collecting budget and put it into the costs of web site hosting. As it is, I need to buy a better digital camera (or borrow one for an extended period of time) so that I can capture images of all the things I have that will not fit on my computer’s scanner screen. There are at least a few hundred of those things so a digital camera is a higher priority item for me right now.  

Then there is the sheer time committment involved in setting up and maintaining a website. Now granted I could take my time getting a site up and running. But there is definitely effort involved there and it’s not insignificant.  

But finally there’s the predatory destructive VDO ‘fangurl’ problem.  

Depending on how long you have had an interest in VDO, it is possible that you may have heard of the VDO site alonelybeautifulgirl.com (ALBG) It’s owner is a woman who made the enormous time and financial committment to setting up a really excellent VDO fansite.  

Unfortunately she and I are birds of a feather in one striking way – we are both opinionated about VDO’s works and that makes us targets for malevolent actions against our online projects.  

alonelybeautifulgirl.com is now sadly down to a skeletal form of itself (you can only download some of its collection of VDO themed desktops) largely because so called ‘fans’ did destructive expensive things to ALBG. Like repeated abusive downloads of large picture files that caused her site to go over its data transfer quotas and racking up hefty bills with the Internet service provider.  

Some ‘fans’, huh?  

And even the folks who are running The Reel Vincent D’Onofrio and it’s associated blog have to spend a lot of time deleting obnoxious comments from their blog posted by VDO-interested problem children. The ‘fangurls’ have even wreaked havoc with VDO’s sister Elizabeth’s blog and website Their BS basically causes this woman who happens to be a professional actress in her own right as well as an acting teacher to periodically have to waste some of her precious time undoing their damage.  

This is why anyone and everyone can read my blog but I won’t post others comments on my entries. Period.  

To paraphrase “JLo” in ‘The Cell’ “My blog, my rules”. It makes my ass tired merely thinking about how much time I might have to spend cleaning up other people’s messes, so the commenting feature (and other abusable features) is turned off. The ‘fangurls’ can and should go waste bandwidth at some other site or pay for their own playground and trash that site but good.  

Moreover if I were to set up a really gonzo sort of site that wouldn’t be jerked around with I would have to 1) password protect it and 2) interview/prescreen people who want access to it. That would be a royal pain in the tushy and somewhat defeats the purpose of having a website in the first place. 

So I guess I’m going to have to do a lot more thinking about the merits of setting up a website for now. Maybe if I run out of room here at my blog, I’ll end up doing so, but for now this suits my purposes just fine.  

Meanwhile to people doing things like ALBG and The Reel, y’all are ‘crazy tougher’ than I am. Keep fighting the good fight! 



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