Why Have a VDOVault?

Appropriate music ‘Let’s Go’ (live) by The Eurythmics (from a rare promotional only CD Live Rough & Tough At The Roxy)

So what the heck is it about Vincent D’Onofrio (from now on referred to as VDO to save bandwidth) and not any other actor/performer/celebrity/person people might have heard of that makes VDO worthy of 1) having stuff pertaining to him collected and then 2) being written about online by yours truly? font The short and honest answer is “I dunno”. If someone out there does, especially someone with a background in psychiatry, you’re welcome to contact me and provide me with your assessment of my sanity and let me know where in the latest edition of the DSM-IV my problems can be found

The slightly longer (and only slightly more informative) answer is that “I find his artistic endeavors interesting”. Interesting in ways that one blog entry can’t possibly begin to cover, at least not by someone as, umm, ‘long-winded’ as I am. Hopefully as you read the entries I will be adding here you will find most of it interesting too. If not though, by all means surf off to something else that appeals to you more. Life’s too short to waste time doing things that don’t interest you, especially when you’re on your own time (and if you’re reading this at work, I’ll never tell ).

A few years ago, I was working in a job that allowed me to feed my then rampant CD collecting habit (of the 8000+ I collected in 12 years time, I let go of 90%+ of them when I changed interests). Among other things I have done to make a living, I sold music and music memorabilia for about 5 years (and yes, it was mostly fun while the opportunity lasted, a chance to regress a little and do the sort of fun after-school job my parents wouldn’t let me take in high school, because in high school my ‘job’ was ‘to get good grades’. Period.). 

It was while I sold ‘media products’ I learned of the truism that for every ‘artist’ there is at least one ‘fan’, and in a short time, I met a heck of a lot of ‘fans’ (and only a few artists). When you work in a part of ‘the business’ where you have daily contact with the ultimate consumers of entertainment products, you quickly learn not to insult the tastes of those who pay the bills. So at least with music I learned to keep my opinions about ‘artists’ who I thought were ‘talent-challenged’ to myself.

Now that my income doesn’t depend on avoiding bruising feelings and interfering with the consumer instincts of people with questionable taste, you can predict that occasionally I can and will let loose on certain ‘artists’ and their ‘fans’ in the odd entry here and there. You can call it ‘Full Metal Rant’ mode if you like and hopefully it will amuse more people than just myself. Being an only child, an ex-Army brat and one of those ‘smart kids’ that probably annoyed the crap out of everyone who met her while she was growing up, I pride myself on my ability to create my own diversions. Besides if decide you don’t like this, then there are plenty of other blogs out there, so feel free to click off to somewhere else. I won’t be offended, heck I won’t even know that you did.

So to those who would say “You’re a fan of *who*?!?!”, well stick around and hopefully you’ll learn something. And to those who are thinking “I can’t believe anyone would be a fan of that *awful* VDO guy”, well you’re not thinking of anything that I haven’t thought of a zillion other more famous people, who for now shall remain nameless. That, and you could very well be one of my relatives, who don’t ‘get him’ either.

So now that I have evaded answering the ‘why VDO’ question, I guess you might be wondering what kind of a fan I am. Well I can’t really answer that either, well, at least not in just one entry. I have been relatively serious about pursuing things for my VDO collection since 2001 (i.e. just shortly before VDO gained easy weekly access to the living rooms of America via the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a.k.a ‘LOCI’). And when I say ‘serious’, I mean there’s a seriously *large* pile of stuff building up in my house, stuff pertaining to no less than 50 different movies and 5 different TV series from a variety of places. And it keeps growing (cue the cheesy horror flick score, please…). 

I guess I should say that if you don’t have a collecting jones of any kind this blog is going to be huge waste of your time, and a tedious one at that. But if you find any kind of collecting amusing (like say you get your jollies out of watching things like “The Antiques Road Show” or ‘Cash In The Attic”), perhaps you might find my relationship to my stuff interesting. 

Well this is enough for a first entry. Anyone who bothered to read all of this gets a gold star in my book (and may well be a little masochistic to boot). 


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